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IT support services in Tampere and the Pirkanmaa region

IT and comprehensive solutions for enterprises and entrepreneurs




Proficient IT support for your company

IT support services locally and remotely

Sometimes IT solutions require the gentle touch of a specialist instead of percussive maintenance.

In case of an IT crisis, please contact us and we will solve your problems, allowing you to focus on your work.

Server and network solutions

Our server and network solutions allow you to build modern and secure IT environments. We can provide servers (Dell, HPe, Huawei Enterprise, IBM), administration, connections between offices (VPN), switches, routers, and firewalls, as well as virtualization (VMware, OpenStack).

P.S. We have been providing server and network solutions since 2002 as well as offering hosting solutions under the XetNET name. Read more:

Remote work and cloud-based solutions

Today, work is carried out at the office, at home, and in coffee shops, for example. Flexible working arrangements provide your employees the opportunity to set their own pace, while also making the work more rewarding and efficient.

If your current equipment and software solutions do not allow you to work flexibly around the world in a hardware or platform independent manner, contact us!

Providing a service in plain language

IT-related matters can comprise endless amounts of jargon that sounds like meaningless nonsense to the uninitiated. We serve our customers in plain language and explain complicated matters and terminology.

This provides you a better understanding of the intended objective of the systems and configurations, which typically consists of improving and facilitating your work through IT solutions.

Download the TeamViewer remote support software if you have agreed on the matter with our IT remote support team.

Computer sales and repairs

Enterprise equipment sales

Computers, mobile devices, LAN solutions, printers, and firewalls.

These are just some examples of the equipment we can help our customers with, delivering devices as a turnkey package, ready for use.

Computer repairs

Is a broken computer preventing you from working? Xetpoint’s IT clinic can figure out the cause of your issue and provide a cost estimate for the work.

We can bring your devices back to full working order affordably and quickly.

Computer installations

The commissioning of a new device requires certain preparations that are best left to professionals.

Save time by asking Xetpoint for help. We can install the software you need and configure your email settings.

IT support services locally and remotely: Xetpoint supports the development and growth of your company

Work is more pleasant when your equipment, software, and services work correctly. Entrepreneurs can sleep soundly when, for example, backup solutions have been automated and kept up to date.
In reality this is not always the case, and instead the IT environments of many companies are a poorly defined jumble of haphazard configurations.

This typical situation has a very natural explanation: very few companies have an inhouse IT specialist in charge of the development and construction of the system.

The need for a specialist is likely to occur only occasionally, which means that it is more cost-effective to purchase the service from a professional.

This is why Xetpoint is there to help you when your tools and working methods need modernization and updating. We can provide local support in Tampere and the Pirkanmaa region and remote support throughout the world.

Has the time come to update your computer? Transferring files and emails and introducing current applications is easy with Xetpoint. Call us: +358 50 433 7380 / Jaakko.

Best solutions for remote work


Cloud-based solutions and remote meetings: the latest cloud server solutions enable effective remote work. We can help your company implement such configurations With Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365) solutions, for example.


Having problems with unreliable or slow connections at home or on the road? Ask us about solutions that you can use to facilitate working outside the office.


Are the firewall and VPN solutions of your company up to date and secure enough for remote work?


We always tailor our services to meet the requirements of our customer's environment, which means that our specialists help you avoid purchasing disproportionate and overly expensive solutions.

Contact us!

Are you having computer problems in the middle of a challenging situation? Does your current IT environment require updating? Are you looking for cloud-based services and improved solutions to allow for more flexible working? Submit your contact information and we will contact You as soon as possible!

Versatile competence under one roof

cPanel helpottaa palvelunhallintaa. XetNET on virallinen cPanel kumppani.

Jaakko Leino

IT support

Jaakko helps our customers in ensuring and developing the operation of their own IT environments. Occasionally the work also includes repairs and training, if the customer needs help with computers, networks, and software.

Jaakko’s solid competence is based on more than 20 years of robust experience from the field, but what is his biggest strength?

– A combination of social skills and patience. I understand that each of us has our own level of knowledge in IT-related matters. I am always ready for a discussion and enjoy guiding the customer through each step of the process.

+358 (0) 50 433 7380

cPanel helpottaa palvelunhallintaa. XetNET on virallinen cPanel kumppani.

Erno Räsänen

Server solution specialist, entrepreneur

Problem-solver. Erno is the right man for any server-related matters, such as ensuring the information security of customer data on a virtual server or connecting an online store with your databases.

Erno established Xetpoint Oy in 2002. Since then, the company has grown steadily into an IT operator that provides services to hundreds of small and medium enterprises and several major companies.

The concept is simple.

– When well-functioning technology is combined with good, people-oriented service, everything is in order.

+358 (0) 29 170 0818

cPanel helpottaa palvelunhallintaa. XetNET on virallinen cPanel kumppani.

Pasi Turunen

Customer Service Manager

Digital growth includes the same element in all branches of business – a hosting service.

– I offer our partners personal cooperation and support for innovating new solutions that grow their operation, Pasi says.

And he can back it up. Pasi started working for telecommunications operators when the Internet and GSM services were introduced in Finland. His duties included voice services, equipment, data transfer, and digital television services. Before joining Xetpoint, Pasi worked for an e-invoice operator, building their operation for four years. His work resulted in a concept that combines e-invoices, banking connections, EDI services, and business information services.

+358 (0) 44 756 6000

Our customers

“The best thing about the service is the fact that I can focus on my own work, because I know that I can get hold of an IT specialist without having the spend any time worrying about the functioning of my tools. For years, Jaakko has provided me up-to-date assistance with It-related matters, quickly and without hassle.”

Noora Riihinen
Sandbox Oy

“Jaakko has provided an excellent service. The price-quality ratio is good and service is reliable. I have recommended Xetpoint to many people, and they have also been happy with the service.”

Tuula Lahtinen
Komerox Ky

“The service has been reliable, and we have been provided well-functioning equipment and good tips!  We have been able to focus on our own area of expertise.

Gratefully looking forward to our continued cooperation!

Ari ja Maarit Tanttu
Kuvahaka Oy

Are you interested in our services?

Contact Jaakko and we will design the perfect IT solution for your company!